Terms & Condition

  • (1) All bookings and ticket purchase are to be done online/offline (at designated selling points) within a Minimum of 24Hours to the Time of Event.
  • (2) Guests are to agree to any indictment on contradicting the event rules and regulations and accept any punitive measures that apply accordingly without prejudice.
  • (3) Guests are to disclose true identity and true representation of themselves.
  • (4) Guests are not to enter false registration details.
  • (5) Profanity or abusive comments, language, actions, racist comments, is not allowed in any degree on any L&RR on line media or event centers.
  • (6) Shows can re-scheduled due to some obvious reasons. In the event of a reschedule, Guests shall be duly informed via member’s registration details and new schedule subsequently updated on all L&RR online media.
  • (7) Guests are required and expected to be cultured, humane and civil with an open mind to enjoy the show and socialize.
  • (8) Drunkenness is not permitted in any L&RR events.
  • (9) Guests are required to be loving, kind and to uphold the true purpose of the marriage institution.
  • (10) Bullying, fighting, violence, assault or harassment of any degree is totally disallowed in any L&RR event. Offenders shall be fully dealt with in line with the abiding law and shall be black listed from any L&RR events.
  • (11) Nudity is not permitted in any L&RR events. Guests/couples are expected to dress modestly irrespective of the theme or dress code of a particular event.
  • (12) Strict control of Guests, privacy and security measures in dealing with others

  1. (13) The outlined process for booking of hotel rooms should be adhered to by interested club Guests or show participants.
  2. (14) Louis and Rose admin oversees the ticket purchase and hotel room booking for the purpose of the show or any other transactions under this platform , and shall be determined to see it runs credibly and efficiently.
  3. (15) Payments are made according to the description on the various show ticket tags, it maybe via louis and rose website, electronic transfer and other effective banking method.
  4. (16) Proper documentations and filling of provided information fields is very import to serve you better.
  5. Uncompleted or failed payment process shall not be booked.
  6. (17) Bookings and reservations for various show case may be limited to a given number of participants, thus late registration or booking can possibly be transferred for another upcoming showcase as the case maybe.
  7. (18) Kindly Follow the instructions and links for bookings, and/or call admin contact number for help where necessary.
  8. (20) Accounts of multiple offenders will be deleted and black listed subsequently after two successive warnings.
  9. (21) All bookings close 24 hours before any event
  10. Reserved ticket or processed bookings fee shall not be refunded, but can be transferred to another event of the same cost allocation or category.
  11. (22) Every activity on the show and site shall be in conformity to the Louis and Rose productions policy; and the show’s terms and conditions included.

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