About Us

Louis and rose rendezvous is an evening show/party strictly for Married Couples that focuses on spicing up marriage relationship. The event takes place in selected reputable 5star hotels and resort centers with great facilities, accessibility and security. The club has an exceptional management team that guides its success and it’s growing Models with reputation our couples will appreciate.

A classic and unique entertainment outing; Louis and Rose rendezvous is a forum for socially clean interaction among married couples looking to have fun and to be entertained- partying responsibly. Louis and rose rendezvous is the classy amazing fun place to unwind together, for the married committed love-birds.

Married couples, coming to have fun and having good times while re-connecting and socializing with others- The people! The classy married couples! The lights! The music! The games! The comedy shows and entertainers! The healthy tasty food and drinks! It’s everything, and it’s the fun! The Louis and Rose concept is a class act.

The Louis and rose show is designed for the hardworking responsible unique classy couples, it’s their kind of fun place, a beautiful and rewarding gift they can give themselves. Louis &Rose rendezvous supports the ideal married couple by creating the ideal fun atmosphere for them, to lighten up.

As couples work hard to keep their love and marriage solid, Louis and Rose rendezvous facilitates the fire of romance and friendship to burn brilliantly as they enjoy and amuse each other in a special way every Friday night at the Louis and Rose rendezvous event venues.

All activities are arranged to bring relaxation and ultimate fun date; our classy couples always look cute, lively and youthful. It’s a playhouse for married couples with lots of entertaining artists, including fine music, live band, karaoke, dancing, games, comedy, refreshments and Consistent class act entertainment atmosphere and product quality while maintaining strict control of Guests’ privacy and security measures for Guests.


Our mission is to create a fun packed and diverse arrays of entertaining shows for the real and committed married couples it is a let’s go party in a grand style for the married couples especially for those who have forgotten to have fun together. It is a desirable place for married couples to unwind together after much hustle and bustle of work, while trying to keep the home working and keeping their love and romance alive.

Louis and Rose creative dynamism will constantly improve on the response to customers’ entertainment needs.

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